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Khanki Magi Der Number

If you are calling from Kolkata you can simply dial 9173142076. If you are outside Kolkata region, or find yourself in roaming you should put 0 in front of the number. So you should dial 91-73142076. If you are calling from another country dial the full number with Kolkata Area and India Country Codes +91-91-73142076.

khanki magi der number

People can use the Rukh in their bodies to create an energy known as Magoi (マゴイ) to power their magical weapons and abilities. This energy must be used with care, as despite the fact that an individual's magoi can be restored with feeding and rest, once fully exhausted it causes their death. Among those that can perform magic with their own Magoi there is a rare class of magicians known as Magi (マギ), that can also use Magoi from the Rukh around them, greatly increasing their capabilities. A Magi usually chooses Dungeon Capturers to offer guidance and protection making them into their King Vessels (王の器, Ō no Utsuwa). There are several nations in history that were founded or improved by the rule of such individuals.

Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana are brought to Sindria. They train under the members of Sinbad's household to get stronger and help stop the mysterious organization, Al-Thamen, that works secretly to spread chaos throughout the world as part of an unknown agenda. The trio befriends Hakuryuu Ren, a prince of the Kou Empire visiting Sindria, whom they help to conquer the dungeon of Zagan; where after confronting members of Al-Thamen there, the group separate upon return. Aladdin studies at Magnostadt Academy to study magic and investigate the country's ties to Al-Thamen. Alibaba goes to train with the Yambala Gladiators in the Reim Empire to fix his magoi, so he can achieve his complete Djinn Equip. Hakuryuu returns to the Kou Empire, and Morgiana departs to the Dark Continent.

A few months later after Alibaba revisits Balbadd, representatives from Kou, Reim and Sindria gather for a summit organized by Sinbad. At the summit, Aladdin reveals that mankind was originally several distinct species transformed by magic into humans from the world of Alma-Torran, located in another dimension. Ill Ilah, had its magoi stolen by Aladdin's father, King Solomon, in order to create a destiny favorable to the people of Alma-Torran. Resisting this change, the members of Al-Thamen summoned Ill llah to the world sapping its magoi by destruction. Solomon is forced to give his life to seal away Ill Ilah and Al-Thamen. Solomon gave his magoi to Ugo, and Ugo used it to create the current world and transport everyone from Alma-Torran to this world.

Four months after the series' anime adaptation announcement in June 2012, the print circulation of the manga went from 3 million copies of the first 12 volumes to over 6.5 million copies of the first 14 volumes in October of the same year.[52] As of October 2013, the manga had over 13 million copies in circulation.[53] The numbers increased to over 18 million copies in circulation as of May 2015,[54] and over 23 million copies in circulation as of April 2016.[55] As of April 2018, the manga had over 25 million copies in circulation.[56] In Japan, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic was the 9th top selling manga series in 2012;[57] 4th in 2013;[58] 8th in 2014;[59] 20th in 2015[60] and 2016;[61] and 10th in 2017, its final serialization year.[62]

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