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CRIMSON METAL REDUX: Tips and Tricks for Playing the Game with the Codes

The Edgehawk arrived at Bilbousa Spaceport on Nal Hutta, where the Vermillion was docked. Dengar explained that Vukorah told him that the Vermillion was there for a rendezvous with Crimosn Dawn agents, and that it would be their only chance to sneak on, rescue Cadeliah and get out. Dengar then said he was going to go find them a way in, but really contacted his lover, Manaroo, who confirmed for him that both the bounty hunters' payment for leading them to Crimson Dawn and Crimson Dawn's payment for killing the bounty hunters were in. Dengar said that thought it should have been enough money to get them out of the 'game' permanently, Crimson Dawn would always force him to do another job unless he got the bounty hunters and Crimson Dawn to take each other down. Dengar returned with cloaks from the cult on Vincorba that hired Crimson Dawn for their protection, telling them that they should get them in unnoticed. Dengar then denotaed a bomb in a crowd, distracting Crimson Dawn enforcers that were checking chain codes to get on the Vermillion. This allowed them to get inside, with Dengar immediately telling them how to reach Cadeliah. Dengar then said that he was only paid to get them there, not go any further, and abandoned the other bounty hunters. [68]

CRIMSON METAL REDUX Activation Code And Serial Number

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