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What is the NIV Bible and Why You Should Download It for Your PC

another feature that makes the niv free bible app so easy to use is the translation. you simply click on the translation in the list and it displays the translation in the main panel. there are also different translations that you can switch between on the app.

Bible Download Niv For Pc

the bible version is in the middle of the app. the side panel will allow you to quickly navigate between different languages or bible versions. you can switch between bible versions with a click of a button.

from the next screen, simply press the "visit" button and you will be taken to a page where the niv bible can be downloaded. at this point, you just need to wait a few seconds and then click on the download button to complete the process. once the download is complete, simply run the application and you will be able to view the bible in any language of your choice. if you have an ipad, iphone or ipod touch, you may also be able to download the application on those devices directly from the itunes store.

if you are using windows operating system, simply install the software on your pc and follow the instructions given to download the bible. once downloaded, you can then run the application to view the bible. it is available in a variety of different languages. you may also be able to change the font of the bible as per your convenience.

the applications has a great feature called, "bookmark" that allows you to bookmark pages on your computer so that you can quickly revisit the page when you want to read the bible again. this feature is great for users who are not necessarily in a hurry to read the bible, but who just want to read some specific verses. you can bookmark passages on your computer, view the bookmarks on your mobile device, and even sync them to your social media accounts. the simple steps to follow are as follows:


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