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Kdb q: The Powerful Programming Language for Vector Operations

Most customers download the latest release of kdb+ (along with the accompanying README.txt, the detailed change list) and make a limited number of approved kdb+ versions available from a central file server.

download kdb q

Does anybody know if there is any way to download files from ftp server directly from Q (kdb) ? I know that it's possible to use http but didn't see any examples of using ftp. Seems only way is to write wrapper around something like curl etc, but may be it is already done ? Any thoughts ?

kdb+/q is commercial software but the good thing is that the 32-bit version can be downloaded for free. The x86 version for Linux is a 587 KB binary that can run without any real setup process on most flavours of Linux. There is also support for Solaris, Windows and Mac OSX.

The complete package of the q programming language and the database management infrastructure is known as kdb+, and is owned and supported by Kx Systems. To get our first program up and running, we will first need to download the free version. Although fully compatible with the production version, it is only available for 32-bit architectures. This limits the in-process memory to 4GB. It is available on all common desktop platforms: Windows, Linux, Solaris and OS X.

This chapter starts by describing how to install q on your own machine. This is as simple as downloading the q binary from the Kx website. We then introduce the q) REPL and cover the requisite Hello World example. Learning q from the command line is easy because examples are short and q provides a fully functional read, eval and print loop (or REPL).

By the end of this book, we will have developed a fully functioning CEP engine. All the presented code is listed in Appendix A. You can also download it from GitHub: Before installing the q binary, take a moment to download the Q Tips source.

The free version of the q binary can be downloaded from Kx System's website [free]. This book covers features included in kdb+ 3.2. If you already have an older version installed, you will want to take this opportunity to download the latest copy. Pick the archive suited for your computer and uncompress it into a directory.

Five files will be downloaded and saved in a directory named after the platform you selected. You can now open README.txt for more specific information about the installation and a list of other kdb+ references. Coding in q is an interactive process. It is quite common to rerun the same command with slight variations to inspect the results or compare performance. To make this process easier, it is important to have an environment that can recall previous commands. Running q from a DOS prompt provides rudimentary access to historical commands by using the up arrow. The default terminal environments on *nix operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, and OS X do not provide this feature. The rlwrap utility not only enables recalling historical commands, but also allows searching and auto-completion. Follow the steps in the README.txt file to install rlwrap.

Kdb+ has a builtin web server. You can use it to view tables, download data, run custom queries, or even issue commands to modify the kdb+ server itself. If you would like the q web server to return files such as a crossdomain.xml or favicon.ico file, these can be placed in an html directory directly below QHOME. Once again, the location of this directory can be customized. This is not an environment variable so its customization must be done from within q. By assigning a new value to the .h.HOME variable, either by hand or from within the q.q customization file, kdb+ will search a different location for web pages. More will be discussed about interacting with the kdb+ server in Chapter 16.

A. The maintenance expiration date is used to indicate the versions of Intel Quartus Design Software and IP core that can be used. All products versions released prior to the maintenance expiration date can be used. Since the release of version 4.1 of Intel Quartus Design Software in July 2004, Intel FPGA IP has been included in the combined download package with the software.

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The steps to install temporary license files and permanent license files are the same. Licenses are hot-deployable, so you need not stop the Appian components to install a license. You can download and extract the license files from the zip shared with you via task and perform the following steps:


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