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Jaxon Evans
Jaxon Evans

Lord of the Rings Conquest PC: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer Mode

So long story short i want to play old lord of the rings games like return of the king,conquest,etc. on pc but since i dont have a disk drive,therefore i can't buy a used copy of the game,and they are no longer being sold online officialy i don't know what to do.I have found a site called bestoldgames claiming they have updated the games to fully work on every pc and they sell you the filles from what i can tell.Has anyone bought from them and can verify if they are safe to buy from.Thanks for reading!!!

lord of the rings conquest pc download reddit

Download apk:

Runs well enough to be played. Lots of lag and stutter at first but smooths out the more you play. If you like the original battlefront 2, this is basically that but with lord of the rings. Give it a try if you're curious.


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