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Acidrip Ubuntu Download ((HOT))

  • Download Source Package acidrip: [acidrip_0.14-0.2ubuntu8.dsc]

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  • [acidrip_0.14-0.2ubuntu8.debian.tar.xz]

  • Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers (Mail Archive)

Please consider filing a bug or asking a question via Launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly.

acidrip ubuntu download


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dep:libgtk2-perl Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library dep:lsdvd (>= 0.10) read the content info of a DVD dep:mencoder MPlayer's Movie Encoder dep:mplayer movie player for Unix-like systems dep:perl Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language Download acidrip Download for all available architectures ArchitecturePackage SizeInstalled SizeFiles all45.7 kB200.0 kB [list of files] This page is also available in the following languages:

Yesterday i went to a Thrift store (recyclestore, 2nd hands goods) i bought5 dvds for 1.50 euro total there (around 1 dollar i guess,. for all 5 combined).I tried ripping these DVDś at home withuse of AcidRip , Handbrake and DVDRip in linuxXubuntu 18.04 LTS, On several differentcomputers in my home, 2 desktops and a laptop.the DVDs are

I could only rip Daylight Robbery in the normal way as should with Either Handbrake or Acidrip. I did not try DVDRip on this title.Now, all other DVDs cannot be ripped,the result is a distorted video playbackor none at all. I tried all combinations with the above 3 rippers, nothing worked.during ripping either the ripping programcrashes or goes extremely slow 700 minutes for 700 mb, and resulting in a corrupt video file.I cannot play the remaining 4 DVDś withVLC Linux (xubuntu), What happens is thatVLC Crashes, or stops playback.Their regioncodes are 2, its my region, andas all dvds i have. this should not bethe cause of the problem. right ?Now i looked on the back of these movieboxes,and there it says with 3 from 4DVD-9. The remaining one says DVD-5, andthe working one, Daylight Robbery also DVD-5.Can it be that my dvd drives cannot read DVD-9 format ? or rip it ?Is this Encrypted ? Are these DVDs protected ?Now comes the weird part;i tried the 4 not rippable, corrupted videooutput at playback DVDs in my Xbox One,and they simply worked. so i could view them.

I am currently backing up (ripping) my dvd collection onto my server harddrive, to allow streaming throughout my house. I am using Acidrip to do the ripping. My problem is that the quality video of the rip is not as good as I would like, and the file size is a little too big. I downloaded an .avi rip of the blu-ray movie "black hawk down" the other day, and the quality was very good. I believe it was a 720p rip. But the file size was only 700mb. When I rip regular dvd's I choose a high bitrate (around.22) but my file sizes are anywhere from 1000mb to 1200mb, and the quality is nowhere near as good. How can i use acid rip to rip a high quality video at a 700mb file size? Is there better software, or is there something I'm missing in Acidrip?

The attachment "lsdvd.patch" seems to be a patch. If it isn't, please remove the "patch" flag from the attachment, remove the "patch" tag, and if you are a member of the ubuntu-reviewers, unsubscribe the team.

Someone needs to prepare a debdiff appropriate for an SRU into trusty containing all of the changes that went into the utopic package. I'm unsubscribing ubuntu-sponsors for now, since there is nothing here to sponsor.

AcidRip is an automated front end for MPlayer/Mencoder (ripping and encoding DVD tool using mplayer and mencoder) written in Perl, using Gtk2::Perl for a graphical interface. Makes encoding a DVD just one button click! However, you only can download and install it under Debian / Ubuntu Linux. If you want to copy the content of a DVD to a hard disk drive on MacOS High Sierra or transfer video on DVDs to different formats to playback on QuickTime, iTunes, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad, you need a AcidRIP alternative for macOS High Sierra.

Your two options are to see if you can find the sources for the libraries that arping needs (keeping in mind to satisfy arping's version requirements), and see if you can have any success building them manually (e.g. the whole ./configure && make && sudo make install routine). But I can't guarantee that that will work, and again, your OS is unsupported. Alternatively, backup all your desired data, download a copy of Ubuntu 17.10.1 (or 16.04.3 if you prefer to stick with LTS) and make a bootable USB and install an updated, currently supported version of Ubuntu.

AcidRip ermöglicht es, Filme von gekauften DVDs auf der Festplatte zu speichern. Das Programm ist einfach zu bedienen und lässt sich mit einem einfachen sudo apt-get install acidrip aus Ubuntus Repositories installieren.

Packages in Sparky core main repository:Aacidrip 0.14-0.2ubuntu7arc-darkest-gtk-theme 1.8.2arc-darkest-suru-icon-theme 20201110.1awesome-theme-sparky 0.1.0Bbaka-mplayer 2.0.4-1bluegriffon 3.1-2repack1/2.3.1repack1brackets 1.14.1-17752brave-keyring 1.3-repack0broadcom-bt-firmware 2017.04.08custom-iso-builder 0.1.23cyberfox 52.9.1Ddeb-package-builder 0.2.13debi-tool 0.1.17dolphin-megasync 3.6.6+2.1dropbox 2020.03.04-repack0Eeconnman 1.1-2ecrire 0.0.1edi 0.6.0eflete 1.19.1#electron 8.3.0electronplayer 2.0.8-1empc 0.99.0-2empty-expect 0.6.20b-1+b1enjoy 0.1.0-2enventor 1.0.0epdfview 0.1.8-3ephoto 1.5epsxe 2.0.5equate 0.99.0#express 20170721gitextra 0.0.1Ffirefox-sparky 109.0.1 (Mozilla build)firefox-esr-sparky 102.7.0esr (Mozilla build)fluxbox-theme-sparky 0.1.1Ggdebi & gdebi-core 2.4.11-3 (for ddm & yad)gir1.2-webkit-3.0 2.4.11-3 (for ddm & yad)gis-weather 3.2.4ppa23 (for boot-repair)glade2script-python2 3.2.4ppa23 (for boot-repair)gmail-desktop 2.25.3gnome-alsamixer 0.9.7cvs.20060916.ds.1-5grub-customizer 5.1.0gscreenshot 2.10.2Ii3lock-fancy 0.0.git20160228.0.0fcb933-2icewm-theme-sparky 0.1.0indicator-cpufreq 0.2.2itch 25.5.1/23.6.3Jjade-menu-data 1.0.4jadesktop 0.6.7Kkega-fusion 3.63-2kget-integrator 1.1.1ktsuss 1.4Lla-capitaine-icon-theme 0.6.0-2libcrypto++9 5.6.1libcrypto++9v5 5.6.1libgksu2-0 2.0.13pre1-9+b1libglew1.13 1.13.0-2libhunspell-1.3-0 1.3.3-3libicu57 57.1-6+deb9u2 (for yad)libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0 2.4.11-3 (for ddm & yad)libjpeg8 8d1-1libjson-c2 0.11-4libpng12-0 1.2.54-6libraw15 0.17.2-6+deb9u1 (for megasync)libssl1.0.0 1.0.2l-1libsuperlu4 4.3libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 2.4.11-3 (for ddm & yad)libxfdashboard0 0.7.7libxp6 1.0.2-2lightmediascanner 0.1.15lsb-core 4.1lsb-security 4.1lxmed 201205157Mms-online-apps 1.2multios-usb 0.5.1Nnautilus-dropbox 2018.11.28nautilus-megasync 3.6.6nemo-megasync 4.0.2Oobmenu-generator 0.8520190806openbox-theme-sparky-noir 0.1Ppackage-converter 0.1pmrp 20170330gitpogo 1.0.1python3-multibootusb 9.2.0python-gconf 2.28.1+dfsg-1.2python-gnome2 2.28.1+dfsg-1.2python-pyorbit 2.24.0-7.2python-twodict 1.2python-webkit 1.1.8-3.1Qqcalculator 2019.03.18qcamera 2019.03.20qml-module-org-kde-video-wallpaper 0.1.0Rredobackup 1.0.52rootactions-servicemenu 2.9sparky20180402rssowl 2.2.1-1getdeb1Sseamonkey 2.53.15sparky-about 0.1.43sparky-apt-unstable 20220225sparky-aptus-upgrade 0.3.29sparky-aptus-upgrade-checker 0.1.27sparky-artwork100 20181106sparky-artwork-nature 20210803sparky-artwork-noir 20200423sparky-backlight 0.1.1sparky-backup-sys 20230131sparky-bootset 0.1.5sparky-ca 0.1.2sparky-chrooter 0.1.18sparky-codecs 0.2.10sparky-compton 0.1.18sparky-conkeyset 0.1.6sparky-dashboard 0.1.4sparky-desktop 20210103sparky-desktop-awesome 20220913sparky-desktop-bspwm 20220913sparky-desktop-budgie 20220913sparky-desktop-cde 20220913sparky-desktop-cinnamon 20220913sparky-desktop-draco 20220913sparky-desktop-enlightenment 20220913sparky-desktop-fluxbox 20220913sparky-desktop-gnome-flashback 20220913sparky-desktop-gnome-shell 20220913sparky-desktop-i3 20220913sparky-desktop-icewm 20220913sparky-desktop-jwm 20220913sparky-desktop-kde 20220913sparky-desktop-lumina 20220913sparky-desktop-lxde 20220913sparky-desktop-lxqt 20220913sparky-desktop-manokwari 20200530sparky-desktop-mate 20220913sparky-desktop-nscde 20220913sparky-desktop-openbox-noir 20220913sparky-desktop-pantheon 20200530sparky-desktop-pekwm 20220913sparky-desktop-sugar 20220913sparky-desktop-trinity 20220913sparky-desktop-wmaker 20220913sparky-desktop-xfce 20220913sparky-e-run 0.1.3sparky-editor 0.1.16sparky-eraser 0.1.17sparky-fileopen 0.1.8sparky-firstrun 0.1.28sparky-fontset 0.1.5sparky-gexec 0.1.5sparky-grub-theme 0.1.4sparky-gufw 0.1.1sparky-hardinfo 0.1.2sparky-ia 0.1.28sparky-icon-set 0.1.4sparky-info-release 20220729sparky-keyboard 0.1.7sparky-keymap 0.1.2sparky-keyring 20200204sparky-libinput 0.1.0sparky-locales 0.1.6sparky-lxqt-multimedia-categories 0.1.0sparky-lxqt-theme 0.1.1sparky5-lxqt-theme 0.1.1sparky-meta-game 20221014sparky-meta-multimedia 20221220sparky-meta-rescue 20210827sparky-multimedia-categories 0.1.7sparky-nm-applet 0.1.1sparky-obmenu 20210312sparky-obmenu-rescue 20220710.1sparky-obpanel-menu 0.1.0sparky-openbox-diagnose 20220808sparky-optical 0.1.5sparky-pass-check 20200420sparky-passwdchange 0.1.12sparky-picom 0.1.2sparky-player 0.1.2sparky-polkit 0.2.5sparky-raspi-config 0.1.2sparky-remsu 0.2.17sparky-screenshot 0.1.16sparky-su 0.1.22sparky-system 0.1.7sparky-teamviewer 0.1.17sparky-theme-root-noir 20200422sparky-timedateset 0.1.5sparky-tray 0.1.10sparky-tube 0.1.30sparky-upgrade 0.1.3sparky-usb-formatter 0.1.22sparky-users 0.1.14sparky-wine 0.1.24sparky-www 20221011sparky-xdf 0.2.3sparky-xfce-multimedia-categories 20221220sparky-xterm 0.2.7sparky3-theme 0.1.3sparky4-theme 0.1.2sparky5-theme 0.1.2sparky6-theme 0.1.0sparky7-theme 0.1.0spideroakone 7.5.0/7.2.0system-config-lvm 1.1.18-3system-config-samba 1.2.63-0ubuntu6Tteamspeak-installer 3.5.6+2tebu-icon-theme 0.2-22zesty1tebu-flat-iocn-theme 0.1.4-0blankon1zesty1tela-icon-theme 20211022thunar-megasync 3.6.6+2.1tleds 1.05beta10-10.1tor-browser 12.0.2tor-messenger 0.5.0b1trinity-keyring 4:14.0.6-debian6-0debian6.0.0+2trojita 0.7truecrypt 7.1a-2Uudisks 1.0.5-1+b1uget-integrator 1.0.0ultra-flat-icons 0.1.11usb-imagewriter 0.1.3-1linuxmint2Vvmplayer-installer 16.2.5vuze 0.1.0wm-logout 0.3.13wps-office-fonts 1.0wps-office 2.0.5-2xanmod-repository 1.0.5xdman 7.2.11xfdashboard 0.7.5xfdashboard-plugins 0.7.7xfwm4-themes 4.10.0-2Yyarock 1.4.0


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