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Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas

Thank You For Listening Free EPUB PDF By Juli...

Was able to have it work for my small selection of books, I was using latest Calibre 6.8, and DeDRM 7.2.1The key for me is I needed to do as Calibre suggested, download the books from amazon website for usb transfer, then was able to decrypt those[azw3 & azw files), was not able to decrypt .kfx I pulled directly from my device directly (Huge size difference 5090 KB vs 774kb).Very nice to free up my purchases and port over to my nook, thankyou all for the continuous feedback or I would have given up.

Thank You for Listening Free ePUB PDF by Juli...

Speechify really is the best app for turning any text into audio. You simply select the text and you can sit back and listen. You also have the option to change listening speed up to 220 WPM with the free version of Speechify. 041b061a72


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