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Advancing preparation through the departure of the status quo!

Bridgette Hosick provides the one stop shop for results through Unconventional Training, Equipment, education, and community.


"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears." -Rumi

Bridgette is an international unconventional trainer who is focused on building mental toughness in leaders and athletes while helping them physically become stronger and better movers. She offers movement development courses, lessons and mentorship based on proven techniques from the combative sports of wrestling and grappling.

Bridgette’s mentor and dear friend, Ivan Ivanov, who was the former Olympic wrestling coach for the Greco-Roman USA Olympic Team and a Olympic Wrestler for Bulgaria in Atlanta (1996). She has had the privilege of working beside him for over 6 years running courses, seminars, workshops in the US and Internationally and was also his right hand wo-man with the sales and education for Suples Ltd.

Throughout her career she has had the opportunity to work with Olympic Gold medalists, top trainers/coaches in the industry, UFC fighters and other high performance athletes, as well as her loyal group of fitness enthusiast who think outside the box.
Suples Bulgarian Bag Level 1- Suples Fit
Suples Bulgarian Bag Level 2- Suples Strong
Suples Bulgarian Bag Master Trainer
Suples Ball Level 1- Suples Fit
IKFF Kettlebell Level 1-Instructor



Real Experiences, Real Results


"I was introduced to Suples Bulgarian Bags numerous times visiting wrestling gyms and workout facilities during my career. Usually only having a short amount of time to use these training devices at the gyms, I was always amazed at how productive and intense these training sessions would be. I contacted Suples to inquire more about the equipment and the methods of training with them. I wanted to make Suples apart of my routine not only for my athletic career, but also for the rest of my life! Suples stood out to me as a method of training the stimulates core strength, anaerobic capacity, aerobic capacity, flexibility, joint support, and overall health. All of this with low impact damage on our bodies.

I had the pleasure to meet Bridgette Yates through contacting Suples. She came to Las Vegas for a seminar to teach myself and other fitness trainers, athletes, and fighters. We were all interested in the products and how to use them more effectively. Everyone was blown away by Bridgette’s knowledge and enthusiasm during the seminar. She was able to coach us to a strong understanding of the Suples training methods as well as helping us to create more personalized programs for each person and their needs and goals. Being able to work with Bridgette for that seminar was an eye opening experience for the potential of Suples training and Bridgette as a world class trainer. She continued to teach us and contact us with new techniques, training methods, advice, and motivation to keep reaching new pinnacles in our training. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Bridgette Yates. She has inspired myself and so many others to reach their personal goals!"

- Gray Maynard - UFC Fighter

Gray Maynard


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